Frequently asked questions

My email address is not recognized. What is my login?

If you studied at the École polytechnique, your identifier is firstname.lastname.promotion. For example if Albert Bonnaventure is a polytechnicien who entered the school in 1842, his login will be albert.bonnaventure.1842. If Catherine Du Chateau defended the PhD that she prepared at the École polytechnique in 2345, her login will be catherine.du-chateau.d2345. If nobody else shared her name in's directory, she can also use catherine.du-chateau to log in.

The email addresses provided by can also be used, like and

If you did not study at the École polytechnique, you may still have an account, for example if you are participating in activities of a Groupe X or if you are a school staff. Such an account is identified by an email address. Please contact us at if you encounter difficulties using your account.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

You need to enter your login in the password recovery page and check the mailbox associated with your email address.

I have forgotten my password and I changed my email address so I no longer receive the emails. Could you help me?

Yes, of course. Please send your request and some details which will allow team to check your identity (scan of your ID card, mobile phone number which has been defined in the directory, email address which has been associated with your account, institutional email address at a reputable institution, etc.) to Please be aware that answering to all the messages we receive takes much time, so we may reply several weeks later. This is why it is so important to keep your email address working.

I studied at the École polytechnique and I do not have an account. Where do I register?

You need to create an account on in order to create a email address. The registration page is Please note that only alumni of the École polytechnique can register on

If the registration page does not recognize your name, search your profile in's directory, If your profile exists, please check the special characters (é, è, ç, etc.) and your school ID if you have one. It may also mean that your account has already been activated (in which case, please take a look at the previous questions in order to recover your password).

If your profile does not exist in's directory, you need to make the École polytechnique transmit your personal information to If you are still studying, please go to, read its content, connect to Pegase and tick the checkboxes for and AX.

I have just created my account on and it does not work. What's wrong?

When creating an account on, it takes some time to automatically enable the account everywhere (at most an hour) and in the meantime, does not know a thing about you. This is why you have to wait a little bit before being able to log in.

How do I log in

Make sure you click on the big button "Je me connecte" on the front page. This would redirect you to If you encounter an error, be sure to write down the address of the website where the error occurs ( or before reporting a problem.

The AX published a document which describes how to connect to its website (with explanations and screenshots) here:

How do I log in and

Both these websites automatically redirect to when accessing a page which requires authentication. They also provide login buttons to authenticate on every page.

I have found a bug! How can I report it?

The way which has the highest odds of getting a quick response is by creating a new issue on the project's issue tracker:

If the bug can not be public, it is possible to send en email to the support, Please be aware that answering to all the messages we receive takes much time, so we may reply several weeks later.

I would like to help improving the services managed by (developing new features, modernizing the web pages, helping users, writing more documentation, etc.). Where can I meet's members?

The members of live in several cities and countries. We use email and IRC a lot, so if you are interested in joining us, please send an email to or leave a message on channel on, for example by joining on or using the webchat.

How do I go back to the login form?

By clinking on the Log in link.